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Clojars Project

Macro-driven atomic CSS library for Clojure(Script).

Hybrid of TailwindCSS and

[:div {:class (c [:pt 8] [:px 6] :h-screen :flex :flex-col [:space-y 4])}
   [:div {:class (c :flex [:space-x 4] :flex-1 :overflow-hidden)}
    [:div {:class (c [:w 80] [:px 4] [:py 3] [:bg :gray-100] :border [:border-b 0] :rounded-tl :rounded-tr :overflow-auto)}
    [:div {:class (c :flex :flex-col :flex-1 [:space-y 4])}
     [:div {:class (c [:px 4] [:py 3] [:bg :gray-100] :border :rounded :flex :items-center)}
      [:div {:class (c :ml-auto)}


Documentation may be found here:

Documentation was written using MacroCSS library:

How to bump version

To release new library version:

  1. Commit existing changes.
  2. Run:
    • bb release-fix for small fixes: 0.1.0 -> 0.1.1
    • bb release-minor for minor changes: 0.1.1 -> 0.2.0
    • bb release-major for major updates: 6.5.9 -> 7.0.0


Executing bb release functions creates a commit, bumps library version, issues new tag and pushes updates to Clojars. To avoid library version update do not use bb release functions.


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