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One question, is it too late to change the name?

-Scott Lang


Thin ClojureScript wrapper for Ant Design React components with Reagent

Quick link to Ant Design introduction:


Usage with Yarn + Webpack + DoubleBundle

TODO: Showcase how to package dependencies using Yarn + Webpack + DoubleBundle


Usage with packaged CLJSJS version of Ant Design

Include Ant-Man and Reagent in your project.clj

[com.hypaer/ant-man "1.7.8"]
[reagent "0.8.1"] ;; Ant-Man requires Reagent 0.8.0+

Include Ant Design CSS and JavaScript CDNs

Require and use in your project

(require '[ant-man.core :as ant-man])

;; Input field
[ant-man/input {:value @your-reagent-atom
                :id "your-id"
                :placeholder "your-placeholder"}]

;; Select input field
(def t (reagent.core/atom nil)
(def col [{:id 1 :label "uno"}
          {:id 2 :label "dos"}]

[ant-man/select {:on-change (fn [val] (reset! t val))
                 :value @t}
  (for [{:keys [label id]} col]
    [ant-man/select-option {:value id} label])]

Helper functions

Keyify-ing lists

Given a function and collection will add unique :key value to metadata information

A customizable :key-fn functionality for specifying list item :key value

Use example:

(require '[ant-man.core :as ant-man]
         '[ant-man.helpers :as ant-man-helpers]
         '[reagent.core :as r])

(def selection (r/atom nil))
(def example-collection [{:label "foo" :id 1} {:label "bar" :id 2}])

;; Default
[ant-man/select {:on-change (fn [val] (reset! selection val))
                 :value @selection}
    (fn [{:keys [label id]}]
      [ant-man/select-option {:value id} label])

;; Custom `:key-fn`
[ant-man/select {:on-change (fn [val] (reset! selection val))
                 :value @selection}
    (fn [{:keys [label id]}]
      [ant-man/select-option {:value id} label] :key-fn (fn [x] [(inc x)]))


To use in your project and develop this library simultaneously use Leiningen Checkouts along with specifying a src path inside your :cljsbuild configuration. If you are using Figwheel and it is configured correctly changes made in Ant-Man will auto re-load.


;; Specify path in your `project.clj`

:cljsbuild {:builds
            [{:id "dev"
              :source-paths ["src/cljs" "src/cljc" "checkouts/ant-man/src/cljs"]}]}


Copyright © 2019 HYPÆR

The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public License 2.0. By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.

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