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Use Tailwind CSS classes in Clojure, batteries included.


I want to use tailwindcss in Clojure without involving extra dependencies e.g npm/node/javascript/postcss/autoprefixer, especially not when this can be done in Clojure.

A bit of background to those not familiar with tailwind:

tailwind is a utility first css framework that is a postcss plugin under the hood. It is intended to be used with autoprefixer (another postcss plugin) and purgecss.

sail makes the tools provided by tailwind available to Clojure projects as a library, without the you (the library user) having to depend on npm/node.

Sail is essentially a Clojure port of the Tailwind CSS workflow/build system I love to use.

Sail requires Clojure 1.9+

Getting Started

Include sail as a dependency in your project:

[com.hypalynx/sail "0.8.15"]
{com.hypalynx/sail {:mvn/version "0.8.15"}}

Require it in a namespace, like dev.user:

(require '[sail.core :as sail]')

Include the following in your build sequence to get your css:

;; generates all tailwind classes to use in development and re-builds when changes occur
(sail/watch "target/public/styles.gen.css" {:paths ["./src/cljs"]})

;; generates all tailwind classes once, used for production builds
(sail/build "styles.test.gen.css" {:paths ["./src/cljs"]})

Usage Notes

Grid Equivalents

(N.B 4px is useful for things like py-2 which have 4px either side to == 8px total)

  • 8 pt grid: w-1 w-2 w-4 w-6 w-8 w-16 w-32 w-64 == 4px 8px 16px 24px 32px 64px 128p 256px
  • 8 pt grid: text-xs, text-base, text-2xl, text-5xl, text-9xl == font-size/line-height, 12px/16px, 16px/24px, 24px/32px, 48px, 128px


If you add depenedencies, you must add them to both deps.edn and pom.xml.. ideally we generate the pom file to be honest but this works for now.

TODO / Known Issues

When watching/regenerating files.. the new file won't refresh? need to test this and confirm for both shadow & figwheel

  • figwheel works.. you just have to configure the css-dirs to live reload them

  • Watcher will rewrite the output file even if there are no changes. (e.g file change triggers rebuild but the css is computed to be exactly the same)

Implementation notes

Originally I used array-maps to persist order and keep selectors/operators as maps but as they get bigger, grouping the array-maps revert to hash maps. Switching to vectors seemed the easier choice.

L600 in full default tailwind.css is where I consider base to end and components to begin, when .container is first defined.

It looks as though Safair only supports old flex syntax e.g -webkit-box. This means that multiple keys of the same name are required, where the most modern sits at the bottom.

display: -webkit-inline-box; display: inline-flex;

Technical Differences

Sail aims to be 100% compliant with Tailwind CSS but there are some additional classes added to make the library easier to use. For example classes with / is them are not valid keywords when used directly so we have alternate tags in addition to the originals e.g w-1/2 & w-1-2


make build


  • [ ] do not assume all source files are in "src"
  • [ ] allow reading .cljc files (current implementation causes "Conditional read not allowed exception")
  • [ ] borders should show without .border-solid, see examples on this page:
  • [ ] ensure font-sans is prefixed as .font-sans
  • [ ] consume all classes from tailwindcss npm (make this easy to re-run as new versions are released)
  • [ ] autoprefix css rules that require it.
  • [X] purgecss style dead code elimination
    • N.B using keywords alone with strip out uses in html e.g index.html base page.
  • [X] describe/find a clean way of tacking this onto a project? e.g already using sass?
  • [X] cssnano, minification?
  • [ ] autocomplete (maybe not part of this lib, autocompleting css classes when
    • most likely a cljs npm language-server will do the trick. writing hiccup is important though for this workflow.)
  • [X] add in all default colors
  • [ ] how to use guide
  • [ ] clean up components code (mostly putting things under the correct names)
  • [ ] include placeholder classes
  • [ ] .container
  • [X] .sr-only
  • Check :hover:border-green-800:hover.. seems wrong to have hover at both ends (seen in generated all-project-keywords for sail project)
  • [X] include media queries
  • [ ] consider adding text-decoration-style (add PR to tailwindcss repo)


;; npm view normalize.css version == 8.0.1 ;; npm view tailwindcss version == 1.2.0

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