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Kubelt Decentralizes Applications

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Kubelt is a fully managed decentralized application platform. Easily deploy dApps with standardized identity, storage, messaging services over a unified serverless RPC API, and more.

This repository hosts Kubelt's libraries, client source code and documentation.

To learn more please see the Kubelt Docs.

Kubelt Monorepo Tour

Let's take a look around at the Kubelt Monorepo layout...


The src/ directory contains the Kubelt SDK source code. The Kubelt SDK is written in Clojurescript and use to build the Kubelt client libraries and tools.


The packages/ directory contains package configuration for the things we release to package repository sites like npm. The current target packages are:

Website / Docs

The www/ directory contains the static website documentation portal.


The dapp/ directory contains a web application for interacting with Kubelt as a customer.

Browser Extension

The ext/ directory contains an experimental browser extension.

Tooling / Scripts

The Kubelt monorepo tooling configuration and scripts:

  • bb/ directory contains some build tooling for use with babashka.
  • bzl/ directory contains miscellaneous tooling for Bazel, one of the build tools that we use.


  • rdf/ directory contains various RDF vocabularies, examples, and data fixtures used during development.
  • fix/ directory contains fixture data for testing.



Please use the following tools and versions when developing with this repository:

  • Node.js v17+
  • Java SDK v8+
  • Babashaka 0.7.x


Install NIX and run nix-build to install nix packages and nix-shell to execute a shell with a fully configured development environment.


Run bb run test:all:develop to make sure everything is setup correctly. Then use bb tasks to see what other build and test tasks are available.


We are happy to accept contributions of all sized. Feel free to submit a pull request.

Also checkout our contributing guidelines.

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