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Does what Specmonstah does with clojure.spec.alpha, but using Malli instead. WIP.

(require '[lambdaisland.specmonstah.malli :as sm-malli]
         '[reifyhealth.specmonstah.core :as sm])

(def schema
  {:user {:prefix :u
          :schema [:map
                   [:foo/id uuid?]
                   [:user/name string?]]}
   :procedure {:prefix    :p
               :schema [:map
                        [:foo/id uuid?]
                        [:procedure/id uuid?]]
               :relations {:procflow.procedure/owner [:user :foo/id]
                           :procflow.procedure/steps [:step :foo/id]}
               :constraints {:procflow.procedure/steps #{:coll :uniq}} }
   :step {:prefix :s
          :schema [:map
                   [:foo/id uuid?]
                   [:step/name string?]]}})

(-> (sm-malli/ent-db-spec-gen {:schema schema}  {:procedure [[3]]
                                                 :step [[10]]})
    (sm/attr-map :spec-gen)

;; => ({:foo/id #uuid "6bf6aa0b-edfc-4109-b797-93afc6e012d3",
;;      :procedure/id #uuid "b193342c-9a5f-47ec-9969-369b4dbd384f",
;;      :procflow.procedure/steps [#uuid "db508061-d3c6-45f2-acc1-4808bc401b90"],
;;      :procflow.procedure/owner #uuid "1a037059-865a-4ee1-93cc-47798b116141"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "c871b2d5-ea2c-4448-9349-3ebe0ca34758",
;;      :procedure/id #uuid "f19f878d-d240-4e27-a23d-e784fdcb0616",
;;      :procflow.procedure/owner #uuid "1a037059-865a-4ee1-93cc-47798b116141",
;;      :procflow.procedure/steps [#uuid "a3402251-ec16-4a4a-b76e-26a8b979c382"]}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "43288975-5f44-4fcc-aaf1-fd8db66ade69",
;;      :procedure/id #uuid "83608156-b04a-4c7c-bf57-2584720801b1",
;;      :procflow.procedure/owner #uuid "1a037059-865a-4ee1-93cc-47798b116141",
;;      :procflow.procedure/steps [#uuid "f9b0dda6-ed76-43ff-93a4-3396e3a0927d"]}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "db508061-d3c6-45f2-acc1-4808bc401b90", :step/name "H"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "a3402251-ec16-4a4a-b76e-26a8b979c382", :step/name "f"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "f9b0dda6-ed76-43ff-93a4-3396e3a0927d", :step/name "7"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "49566f5b-950f-45b2-bd99-5f64343a958f", :step/name ""}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "99499dcd-a897-4d72-9dc8-7373c8a8cc72", :step/name "7"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "2e67832e-cf88-4694-a8b5-6d5cc959db47", :step/name ""}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "9ed52990-7c37-4c2b-8f6e-8814d01aa8cd", :step/name ""}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "3fa971da-ba6a-4d71-b030-5bb84ec7a1fe", :step/name "L"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "e9e422b6-9585-4cf9-afb5-fff8c0944e16", :step/name "G"}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "745d5557-9218-4286-a151-7f5eaf3ef335", :step/name ""}
;;     {:foo/id #uuid "1a037059-865a-4ee1-93cc-47798b116141", :user/name "7"})

Some extra stuff: mall->specmonstah takes a map from keyword to malli map spec, and returns a Specmonstah schema. Takes some parameterization because it can't guess how to find and resolve references.

Here's an example:

(def schemas
  '{:zoo/animal [:map
                 [:age pos-int?]
                 [:name string?]
                 [:type [:ref :animal/kind]]]
    :animal/kind [:map
                  [:kind/name string?]
                  [:kind/family string?]]})

(declare registry)

(def ref-schema
  (reify m/IntoSchema
    (-into-schema [_ props [child] options]
       (m/schema child {:registry registry})
       assoc :ref child))))

(def registry (merge m/default-registry
                     {:ref ref-schema}))

(sm-malli/malli->specmonstah schemas
                             (comp keyword name)
                             (comp :ref meta)
                             {:registry registry})
;; => {:zoo/animal
;;     {:prefix :animal,
;;      :schema [:map [:age pos-int?] [:name string?] [:type [:ref :animal/kind]]],
;;      :relations {:type [:animal/kind :db/id]}},
;;     :animal/kind
;;     {:prefix :kind,
;;      :schema [:map [:kind/name string?] [:kind/family string?]],
;;      :relations {}}}

We also allow specifying :gen/gen, :gen/elements, and :gen/fmap in query-options, although this is perhaps of limited use.


Copyright © 2020 Arne Brasseur and Contributors

Licensed under the term of the Mozilla Public License 2.0, see LICENSE.txt.

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