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Teamcity test reporter for circleci.test runner


Add [circleci/circleci.test "0.4.1"] to your :dependencies under :dev profile. Add [com.leafclick/circleci.test.teamcity "0.2.0"] to your :dependencies under :teamcity profile

Put following contents into dev-resources/circleci.test/config.cjl:

(require '[com.leafclick.circleci.test.teamcity])
{:reporters [com.leafclick.circleci.test.teamcity/teamcity-reporter]}

It's recommended to use this set of Leiningen aliases:

:aliases {"test" ["run" "-m" "circleci.test/dir" :project/test-paths]
          "tests" ["run" "-m" "circleci.test"]
          "retest" ["run" "-m" "circleci.test.retest"]}

See more about circleci.test runner at


Copyright © 2018 leafclick s. r. o.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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