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A Clojure wrapper for java-libadsb, which parses Mode S/ADS-B transponder messages. (See also: dump1090, gr-air-modes, etc.)


java-libadsb only decodes a few types of Mode S messages, and no Mode A/C messages.

Civil aviation uses Mode S messages with types DF0, DF4, DF5, DF11, DF16, DF17, DF18, DF20, DF21 and DF24; java-libadsb only decodes some subtypes of DF17 and DF18.


[com.lemondronor/ads-b "0.0.1"]
(require '[ :as ads-b])

(ads-b/decode-hex "8dc0ffee58b986d0b3bd25000000")
{:icao "c0ffee",
 :type :airborne-position
 :downlink-format 17
 :format-type-code 11,
 :capabilities 0,
 :horizontal-containment-radius-limit 185.2,
 :nic-supplement-b false,
 :surveillance-status 0,
 :alt 10972.800000000001,
 :baro-alt? true,
 :nic-supplement-a false,
 :cpr-lon 113957,
 :cpr-lat 92249,
 :time-flag false,
 :nic 8,
 :surveillance-status-desc "No condition information",
 :cpr-format :odd,

There are 6 types of message:



Copyright © 2015 John Wiseman

Distributed under the GNU Generap Public License version 3.

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