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test-with-files Build Status

A Clojure library to easily write tests with files.


Add test-with-files to your project.clj, and include test/resources in the dev resource path:

:profiles {:dev {:dependencies [[test-with-files "0.1.1"]]
                 :resource-paths ["test/resources"]}}

You should probably also add a .gitkeep file to test/resources if you have no other files in there - or it is not properly added to the classpath when leiningen starts.



Using with-files, you get a nice declarative way of creating files to use in your tests.

(ns my-test
  (:require [test-with-files.core :refer [with-files public-dir]]
            [midje.sweet :refer :all]
            [ :as io]))

(with-files [["/abc.txt" "123"]
             ["/def.txt" "456"]]
   (slurp (io/resource (str public-dir "/abc.txt"))) => "123"
   (slurp (io/resource (str public-dir "/def.txt"))) => "456"))

All files are deleted afterwards.

The files' last modified time is exposed as *last-modified*, in case you need to check it.


You can request a temporary directory to use with your tests, which is cleaned up afterwards.

(ns my-test
  (:require [test-with-files.core :refer [with-tmp-dir tmp-dir]]
            [midje.sweet :refer :all]
            [ :as io]))

   (io/as-file tmp-dir) => #(.exists %)))


Copyright © 2013 Magnar Sveen

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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