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Alternative implementation of Duct module.sql.
It allows to specify multiple db urls in one config file and initialize db pool using url based on environment name from config file.
It allows me to easier launch 2 duct systems in parallel during development - one for dev and one for tests so I can easily run tests against db from the REPL.



Clojars Project


To add this module to your configuration, add the :duct-env-dbs.module/sql key with dbs configuration:

{:duct-env-dbs.module/sql {:development {:database-url "jdbc:sqlite:db/example_dev.sqlite"}
                           :production  {:database-url "jdbc:sqlite:db/example_prod.sqlite"}
                           :testing     {:database-url "jdbc:sqlite:db/example_test.sqlite"}}}


{:duct-env-dbs.module/sql {:development #duct/env ["DB_URL_DEV"  Str]
                           :production  #duct/env ["DB_URL_PROD" Str]
                           :testing     #duct/env ["DB_URL_TEST" Str]}}}

In all places when you need use db you need to reference :duct.database/sql same way as in Duct module.sql:

{:some-component {:db (ig/ref :duct.database/sql)}}


Copyright © 2018 Mariusz Jachimowicz

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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