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Duct module that automatically fill in ragtime migrations configuration based on folder with migrations files.

It won't work if you have already applied migrations that was specified manually because during migrations load ragtime will assign ids for migrations using default mechanism - your migrations might have different ids already.



Clojars Project


To add this module to your configuration, add the :duct-migrations-auto-cfg/module configuration before :duct.module/sql:

{:duct-migrations-auto-cfg/module {}
 :duct.module/sql {:database-url "jdbc:sqlite:"}}

It will fill in migrations from migrations or resources/migrations folder


{:duct.core/project-ns my-project
 :duct-migrations-auto-cfg/module {}
 :duct.module/sql {:database-url "jdbc:sqlite:"}}

It will fill in migrations from my-project/migrations or resources/my-project/migrations folder


{:duct-migrations-auto-cfg/module {}
 :duct.module/sql {:database-url "jdbc:sqlite:"}}


Copyright © 2018 Mariusz Jachimowicz

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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