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These are all the components we use at moclojer. Specifically:

  • config.clj
  • database.clj
  • db_utils.clj
  • http.clj
  • logs.clj
  • migrations.clj
  • redis_publisher.clj
  • redis_queue.clj
  • router.clj
  • sentry.clj
  • storage.clj
  • webserver.clj

We use stuartsierra's component library for state management.

How to use

This lib is supposed to be plug & play.


Add this to your deps.edn:

 {com.moclojer/components {:mvn/version "0.x.x"}}}


Add this to your deps.edn:

 {com.moclojer/components {:git/url ""
                           :git/sha "<commit sha>"}}}

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