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RQ (Redis Queue) is a simple Clojure package for queueing jobs and processing them in the background with workers. It is backed by Redis and it is designed to have a low barrier to entry, inspired by python-rq.

"simple is better than complex" - The Zen of Python


We distribute the library via Clojars.

com.moclojer/rq {:mvn/version "0.1.3"}
[com.moclojer/rq "0.1.3"]


(ns rq.example
  (:require [com.moclojer.rq :as rq]
            [com.moclojer.rq.queue :as queue]
            [com.moclojer.rq.pubsub :as pubsub]))

(def *redis-pool* (rq/create-client "redis://localhost:6379/0"))

;; queue
(queue/push! *redis-pool* "my-queue" {:now (java.time.LocalDateTime/now)
                                      :foo "bar"})
(println :size (queue/llen *redis-pool* "my-queue"))
(prn :popped (queue/pop! *redis-pool* "my-queue"))

;; pub/sub
(def my-workers
  [{:channel "my-channel"
    :handler (fn [msg]
               (prn :msg :my-channel msg))}
   {:channel "my-other-channel"
    :handler (fn [{:keys [my data hello]}]
               (my-function my data hello))}])

(pubsub/subscribe! *redis-pool* my-workers)
(pubsub/publish! *redis-pool* "my-channel" "hello world")
(pubsub/publish! *redis-pool* "my-other-channel" {:my "moclojer team"
                                                  :data ""
                                                  :hello "maybe you'll like this website"})

(rq/close-client *redis-pool*)

The workflow in the given example can be represented as follows:

    participant User
    participant Client
    participant Queue
    participant PubSub
    participant Logger

    User->>Client: create-client URL
    Client-->>Logger: log client creation
    Client-->>User: return client

    User->>Queue: push! message
    Queue-->>Logger: log push message
    Queue-->>Queue: push message to queue

    User->>PubSub: publish! channel, message
    PubSub-->>Logger: log publish message
    PubSub-->>PubSub: publish message to channel

    User->>Queue: pop! queue-name
    Queue-->>Logger: log pop operation
    Queue-->>User: return popped message

    User->>Client: close-client client
    Client-->>Logger: log closing client
    Client-->>User: confirm client closure

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