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:file_folder: clompress

Clojars Project

Clompress is easy to use library for working with archives, compression and decompression in Clojure. Currently acts like wrapper for library Apache Commons Compress


Directories are readed recursively.

Supported archives

  • [x] TAR "tar"
  • [x] ZIP "zip"

Supported compressions

  • [x] BZIP2
  • [x] GZIP
  • [x] DEFLATE
  • [x] LZ4 (BLOCK, FRAMED)
  • [x] LZMA
  • [x] XZ

For available compressions:




[com.monkeyprojects/clompress "0.1.0"]

Clojure CLI/deps.edn

com.monkeyprojects/clompress {:mvn/version "0.1.0"}


Creating archive without compression

(clompress/archive {
	:output-stream ( "my-archive.tar")
	:archive-type "tar"} ; for zip set :archive-type "zip"
	"directory1/" "directory2/file1.txt" "file2.txt")

Creating archive with compression bzip2

(clompress/archive {
	:output-stream ( "my-archive.tar.bz2")
	:compression "bzip2"
	:archive-type "tar"}
	"directory1/" "directory2/file1.txt" "file2.txt")

Compressing file

	( "file-to-compress.txt")
	( "compressed-file.txt.gz")

Decompressing file

	( "compressed-file.txt.gz")
	( "decompressed-file.txt")

Compressing string

(with-open [input-stream (
                           (.getBytes "test-data"))]
  (with-open [output-stream (]
    (clompress.compression/compress input-stream output-stream "bzip2")))

Decompressing string

(with-open [input-stream (
                           (.getBytes compressed-string))]
  (with-open [output-stream (]
    (clompress.compression/decompress input-stream output-stream "bzip2")
		(.toString output-stream)))


Clompress is licensed under MIT license.

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