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OCI Common functionality lib

This is a Clojure library that is used by the other Monkey Projects OCI libs for common functionality. Usually utility functions but also some Martian stuff too.

Clojars Project


Normally you won't need this directly, it's referenced by libs that use it as a dependency. But if you really want to:

# deps.edn
{:com.monkeyprojects/oci-common {:mvn/version "latest"}}


# Leiningen project.clj
[com.monkeyprojects/oci-common "latest"]

Many listing calls on OCI allow for pagination. By default the page size is 10. Processing a paged response can be tedious, so I've added some functions to help with that. Suppose you have a function that sends a request that returns a large list of items. Then you can use the functions in monkey.oci.common.pagination to help with that:

(require '[monkey.oci.common.pagination :as p])

;; Let's assume you need to fetch a large list using `large-list-call`
;; then you can process the paged response in a lazy fashion like so
(def r (p/paginate (p/paged-request large-list-call ctx {})))

;; It will return a lazy seq to the items in the body.

Often, the items in the body are not in the root, but in a map that has an items key. An additional argument can be passed to the paginate function to help with that:

;; This call will return all values in the 'items' key in the response body
(p/paginate (p/paged-request large-list-call ctx {}) :items)

As long as the response contains a opc-next-page header, and the body items are not empty, it will keep on returning values.

Please not that it's important that the route is marked as 'paginate-able' by wrapping it using the paged-route function. This will add the page and limit query parameters to the Martian route, otherwise they will not be passed on to the backend and you may end up with an endless seq, because it will never pass on the page parameter.


MIT License, see LICENSE

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