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OCI Container Instances

This is a Clojure library that allows you to access the Oracle Container Instance API in an idiomatic fashion. There already exists a Java library, provided by Oracle itself, but I think it's not very efficient to first call a bunch of Java classes, marshalling all the JSON stuff into POJOs and then converting them back to Clojure maps. This library uses Martian instead, to directly call the REST API.


First include the library in your project:

;; deps.edn
{com.monkeyprojects/oci-container-instance {:mvn/version "<version>"}}


;; Leiningen
[com.monkeyprojects/oci-container-instance "<version>"]

Include the namespace, and create a client using your OCI credentials:

(require '[monkey.oci.container-instance.core :as ci])

;; Create a Martian client (aka context)
(def ctx (ci/make-context {:tenancy-ocid "my-tenancy-ocid"
                           :user-ocid "my-user-ocid"
			   :key-fingerprint "fingerprint"
			   :private-key my-private-key
			   :region "oci-region"}))

;; Start sending requests
(ci/create-container-instance ctx {:container-instance {...}})

See the API documentation to see which calls are available and which body parameters you need to pass in. For some calls you will need to specify the :compartment-id which is the OCID of the compartment. For others you only need the :instance-id. Sometimes you also need to pass in a body, for example when creating an new container instance.

Each request returns a future to the result, because in the background we are using http-kit. It emphasises the remote nature of the functions and also allows you to implement an async flow using Manifold.


Copyright (c) 2023 by Monkey Projects. Licensed under MIT license.

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