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A Clojure library designed to automate management of HSQLDB databases hosted within an application. This library provides API's for creating appropriate java.jdbc connection maps, as well as automatically applying schema scripts.

The use case for this is scenarios where the capabilities provided by a standalone database engine aren't worth the administrative hassle. With an uberjar build, sql-file makes it easier to consolidate a complete application, database engine and all, into a single deployable artifact. (And with the presumption of SQL, sql-file makes it possible to switch away to something larger without rewriting application logic.)

Adding to Your Project

This project is available on Clojars here.

It can be added to a Leiningen project with the following dependency:

[com.mschaef/sql-file "0.4.10"]


Example usage:

(require '[ :as jdbc])
(require '[sql-file.core :as core])

(jdbc/query (sql-file/open-local {:name "test-db" :schemas [ [ "test" 0 ] ]})
   ["select count(*) from point]))
;; 0

This example creates a file-based HSQLDB database named test-db, and automatically loads version 0 of the test schema from resources/schema-test-0.sql.


sql-file supports automatic forward migrations of database schemas through the use of sequential version numbers. To illustrate, this open-local call requests version 2 of the test schema.

(sql-file/open-local {:name "test-db" :schemas [ [ "test" 2 ] ]})

When opening a database, sql-file will compare the requested schema version with the version already loaded in the database. It will then run any necessary schema scripts in numerical order to ensure the requested schema is present in the database. In a new database, this call will result in three schema creation scripts being loaded and applied in succession: resources/schema-test-0.sql, resources/schema-test-1.sql, and finally resources/schema-test-2.sql. If the database already contains schema version 0, then just resources/schema-test-1.sql will be run resources/schema-test-2.sql.

The current version of a schema can be retrieved using get-schema-version:

(core/get-schema-version conn "test")
;; 2


sql-file attempts to provide useful debug messages on the sql-file.core log channel. At INFO level, sql-file will log only important events (opening a database, installation of a schema, etc.). At DEBUG level, it will list each SQL statement as it's executed.


The database engine provided by sql-file is strictly embedded in a host application, and does not support inbound connections over a network. Compared to a traditional database design, where the database sits in a separate process, this can make it more inconvenient to inspect the state of the database.

sql-file needs to break input script files into individual statements to be able to execute them individually. To do this, it needs a rudimentary SQL parser. The current version of this parser only supports -- style comments.

I would happily accept PRs to fix these or other issues.


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Portions Copyright © 2014 KSM Technology Partners

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