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This library delivers:

  • A Pedestal server as a component
    • Featuring refined integration with the Reloaded workflow
      • Otherwise Pedestal<->Reloaded integration can be hacky or incomplete.
  • Pedestal service configuration
  • A dependency injection mechanism
  • A spec-coercion interceptor
    • Every app tends to need this; hence the bundling here.


  • Reduce per-project boilerplate.
  • The server can be delicate to configure, so changes to it should be centralized, so that everyone benefits from future improvements.
  • Provide a mechanism for injecting Component dependencies into the request context.
    • grzm/component.pedestal provides that, and this library provides something DRYer on top of it.


[com.nedap.staffing-solutions/components.pedestal "2.0.1"]


The best way to see how the three bundled components play together is creating a web app via our lein-template.

As per usual, this library features specs, docstrings and various tests that can serve as examples.


Copyright © Nedap

This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

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