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A collection of test helpers.


  • nedap.utils.test.api/meta= compares both objects and their metadata, recursively.

  • nedap.utils.test.api/macroexpansion= compares objects, deeming any gensyms as equal.

  • nedap.utils.test.api/run-tests macroexpands to its clojure.test/cljs.test counterpart. It only adds something for the cljs variant: it sets an adequate exit code to the Node process.

  • nedap.utils.test.api/expect allows you to assert side effects in code. look at examples in the tests.

  • nedap.kacoha.focus-file-plugin Kaocha plugin which adds --focus-file cli-option. Can be used to test a specific file rather than a specific file.


[com.nedap.staffing-solutions/utils.test "1.9.0"]

ns organisation


Please browse the public namespaces, which are documented, speced and tested.


The default namespace is dev. Under it, (refresh) is available, which should give you a basic "Reloaded workflow".

It is recommended that you use ( :after 'formatting-stack.core/format!).

You can find examples in the api test.


Copyright © Nedap

This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

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