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A Clojure library for tailing growing files. Understands rollover.

Good for tailing log files.

Similar to tail -F in some Unix's.



Dependency information is at this clickable badge:

Clojars Project

Add the following to your ns declaration:

(:require [nomis-tailer.core :as tailer])

Tailing a Single File

Use tailer/make-single-file-tailer to create a single-file-tailer.

The tailing starts from the end of the file.

Use tailer/channel to get a core.async channel to take from. The values taken will be successive lines from the file.

Use tailer/close! to close a single-file-tailer.

Tailing Using a File Pattern

Use tailer/make-multi-file-tailer to create a multi-file-tailer.

Looks for the most recent file in dir that matches pattern and looks for new files every file-change-delay-ms.

The tailing starts from the end of any current file, and includes the full content of subsequent files.

Use tailer/channel and tailer/close! as for a single-file-tailer.

More Detail

See doc strings for more detail.


Copyright © 2016 Simon Katz

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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