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config-aws provides extensions to the Outpace config library to allow for obtaining configuration from AWS. Current support includes:


In order to be able to read values from AWS you will need to use credentials that are allowed to access the necessary AWS resources. The library uses the default credentials lookup provided by the SDK. If you need to specify specific credentials, you can set up custom credentials.

Getting a parameter value from SSM

You can use the #config-aws/ssm tag to read a parameter value from SSM. The simplest form is to simply tag a string:

Configuration with a named path/string
#config-aws/ssm "/path/to/variable"

This will look up the SSM parameter at /path/to/variable.

Sometimes, it is desirable to build up a parameter’s name from other configuration. For this reason, it also possible to tag a vector:

Configuration from a configured path/vector
#config-aws/ssm [“/common/prefix”
                 #config/env "APP_PATH"

In the above example, before looking in SSM, config will fetch the value of the environment variable APP_PATH. Once that has been retrieved, the strings will all be appended together. For example, if the value of APP_PATH is /production, the parameter that will be looked up will be /common/prefix/production/param-name.

Configuring the AWS client

This library provides the defconfigured var outpace.config-aws/ssm-client-params, which can be used to change how the library communicates with AWS. This value of this var is a map which contains overrides to the standard client configuration as provided by AWS. The valid keys in this map include:


If provided, static credentials are used instead of the default AWS credentials. The two required parameters are :aws-access-key-id and :aws-secret-key. An optional :session-token may also be provided.


Specifies an alternate endpoint for SSM. Required parameters are :service-endpoint and :signing-region.


Potential features to add:

  • Support AWS Secrets Manager

  • Support for more client configuration via outpace.config-aws/ssm-client-args

  • Support for recursive lookups of SSM parameters

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