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Outpace Memory Estimator

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This combination of library and JVM agent can help you estimate the size of objects in memory.


Agent installation

The first step is to download the agent JAR. Next, when you will need to add the argument -javaagent:path/to/memory-estimator-agent.jar when invoking the JVM. You can do this:

  • As a direct argument to Java, i.e. java -javaagent:memory-estimator-agent.jar …

  • Added to the :jvm-opts key in your Leiningen project’s project.clj

  • Added to the BOOT_JVM_OPTIONS in your or in your environment for Boot projects

Runtime usage

Include the library in your project dependencies. Finally, you can invoke the estimate-size function in the outpace.memory-estimator namespace.

If you really need it:


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