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A Clojure library that ports normalize.css to Garden.


Add the following dependency to your project.clj file:

[com.powernoodle/normalize "8.0.1"]


To use with Garden just include the normalize css rules in your apps styles list before your other styles and compile normally with Garden.

(ns example
  (:require [normalize.core :refer [normalize]]))

(def app-styles
   [:a {:color "red"}]
   [:span {:text-transform "uppercase"}]])

You can also consume the raw css without Garden.

This example contains an index function that will generate HTML including an internal <style> tag containing the normalize styles. Alternatively, you can choose to render this content to an external file.

(ns example
  (:require [ :refer [html5]]
            [normalize.core :refer [normalize-css]]))

(defn index
  (html5 {:lang "en"}
                [:title "Hello World"]
                [:style normalize-css]]
                [:h1 "hello world!"]]))

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