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A Clojure library designed process games of 31/Trente et un/Scat
Clojars Project



[com.github.qanazoga/thirty-one "0.1.0"]

Clojure CLI/deps.edn

com.github.qanazoga/thirty-one {:mvn/version "0.1.0"}






CardPoint Value
J Q K10
All othersFace Value


Each player gets 5 lives and a hand of 3 cards. The top card of the deck is revealed to all players and placed in the Discard Pile. All other cards are hidden and used as the Deck.


All players are trying to get (as close as they can) to 31 points in their hand of the same suit.
If at any point a player has exactly 31 points in their 3 card hand, all in one suit, the round ends, and all other players lose a life.
Each player takes turns either knocking or drawing..


If a player believes they have more points in one suit than any other player, they may end the round early by "Knocking".

  • When a player "Knocks", all other players have one more turn to raise their points in hand.


  • The player selects either the top card of the Discard Pile (visible), or the top card of the Deck (hidden), and adds it to their hand.
  • The player then discards any card in their hand revealing the card as they set it on the Discard Pile.

Round End

At the end of the round all players reveal their hands and total up the highest value they can make using cards of a single suit.

  • The player (or in the event of a tie, players) with the lowest score loses a life.
  • If a player knocked, but the round ended due to another player getting 31, all players (besides the one with 31) lose a life.
  • If a player knocked, but does not have the highest score, they lose a life.

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