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Simple utility functions to diff and sync local files with S3 buckets.

[confetti/s3-deploy "0.1.4"] ;; latest release


  • a simple data-driven API to sync local files to an S3 bucket
  • useful reporting capabilities to inform users about the sync process
  • allow some ordering of uploads to get "fake-transactionality"
  • allow specification of custom metadata


Most functions that are part of the public API of this library operate on simple maps like the following, furthermore called file-maps:

{:s3-key   "desired/destination/file.txt"
 :file     #object[ "file.txt.gz"]
 :metadata {:content-encoding "gzip"}}

By using file-maps we decouple the structure of the filesystem from the structure we ultimately want to achieve in our target S3 bucket.

By default the :content-type metadata is derived from the extension of the value you provided as :s3-key.

Syncing is possible via confetti.s3-deploy/sync!:

(confetti.s3-deploy/sync! creds bucket-name file-maps)

To generate file-maps from a directory this library ships a tiny helper dir->file-maps that will generate file-maps:

(dir->file-maps (io/file "src"))
;;=> [{:s3-key "confetti/s3_deploy.clj",
;;     :file   #object[ 0x4795c68f "/Users/martin/code/confetti-s3-deploy/src/confetti/s3_deploy.clj"]}]

Depending on your use case you will want to build your own file-maps generating function. Lower level functions are available as well:

(confetti.s3-deploy/diff* bucket-objects file-maps)

Can be used to get a diff between a buckets objects and a given collection of file-maps.

(confetti.s3-deploy/calculate-ops bucket-objects file-maps)

Will return a vector of operations needed to get the bucket in sync with the supplied file-maps.

For more details check the implementation.



  • Update prismatic schema dependency to avoid Inst warnings


  • relax schema around S3 metadata (#19)


  • improve implementation of relative-path function so that it works properly on Windows. (#16)

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