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Function memoization sulotion for Cumulo and Respo

a memo library as a replacement for memoizations in Cumulo and Respo. It's mainly experimental.


Clojars Project

[cumulo/memof "0.2.0-a5"]
(defonce *states (atom (memof.core/new-caches {}))) ; pass GC options

(defn f1 [x y] (* x y))

(memof.core/write-record! *states f1 [1 2] 3)

(memof.core/access-record *states f1 [1 2]) ; returns 3

(memof.core/new-loop! *states) ; when loop is large enough, it will trigger GC

States structure:

  :loop 0 ; counter
  :entries { ; where entries are stored
    f1 {
      :hit-times 1, :missed-times 1
      :records {
        [p1 p2] {:value 1, :hit-times 1, :last-hit-loop 1, :initial-loop 1}
  :gc { ; configurations
    :trigger-loop 100, ; trigger GC every N loops
    :elapse-loop 50 ; entries are considered unuseful after not used for N loops


  • (new-states) creates states holding all entries
  • (show-summary @*states) list entries after formatted
  • (write-record! *states f params value) write to cache, params supposed to be a collection
  • (access-record *states f params) access and return value(or nil)
  • (new-loop! *states) loop and trigger actions
  • (perform-gc! *states) remove entries that are probably no longer useful
  • (reset-entries! *states) clear entries
  • (modify-gc-options! *states {}) modify GC options

Macros usage

By designed, it supposed to be used behind macros:

(defmacro defcomp [x params & body]
  (let [com-helper (gensym (str x "-helper-"))]
       (defn ~com-helper [~@params] ~@body)
       (defn ~x [~@params] (call-comp-helper ~com-helper [~@params])))))

(defn call-comp-helper [f params]
  (let [v (memof/access-cache *states f params)]
    (if (some? v)
      (let [result (apply f params)]
        (memof/write-cache! *states f x params result) result))))

Verbose mode

By default, only GC logs will be emitted. To turn on vervose logs,

  • browsers, localStorage.setItem("memofVergose", "true")
  • Node.js , memofVerbose=true node app.js




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