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What just happened

Reset to previous state and rerun

Compare previous events to understand the effect of my change

Performance, numbers are highly precise but not very accurate. Measure the whole epoch Rerun 50 times

  • Timings

To assist a new user in navigating the codebase, file locations and line numbers

  • reg-event-db, grab stack trace when registering event and subscription


How do we avoid people drifting away?

  • Setup cost

    • Paid by one person on the team
  • Save the filtering across states

  • Remove the debug interceptor

  • Nominate which kinds of events to filter out

    • Number of epochs

      Capturing app-db Capturing subscriptions

    • Filter out low level stuff

      • Processing
      • Capturing
      • Showing
    • Filter out views

      • It does mean something that you have h-box and v-box
      • How do we do it?
        • Filtering on namespaces?
          • Filtering in or filtering out?
    • Filter out subscriptions

Sources of failure

  • Usability issues


Put together

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