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Clojars Project

Boot-clj IO functionality using Apache Commons IO.

IO Tasks for boot-clj.

  • Provides add-file task for adding files to the fileset.
  • Provides add-directory task for adding directories to the fileset.
  • Provides add-fileset task for adding files/directories to the fileset.

The following outlines basic usage of the task, extensive testing has not been done. Please submit issues and pull requests!


Add boot-io to your build.boot dependencies and require the namespace:

(set-env! :dependencies '[[degree9/boot-io "X.Y.Z" :scope "test"]])
(require '[degree9.boot-io :refer :all])

Add a file to the fileset:

boot add-file -s "license" -d "license"

Add a file to the fileset:

boot add-directory -s "test" -d "test"

Add a file or directory to the fileset:

;; add folder
boot add-fileset -s "test" -d "target"
;; add file
boot add-fileset -s "license" -d "target"

Task Options

All tasks exposes options for specifying where to look for an files/directories and where to put them on the fileset.

s source      VAL str "File/Folder used as source."
d destination VAL str "Target file/folder within the fileset."

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