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Semantic Git access from boot-clj.

boot-semgit is developed and maintained by Degree9

  • Provides Git Porcelain tasks (wrappers around git binary)
    git-add, git-branch, git-commit, etc.
    See which tasks are provided.

The following outlines basic usage of the task, extensive testing has not been done. Please submit issues and pull requests!


Add boot-semgit to your build.boot dependencies and require the namespace:

(set-env! :dependencies '[[degree9/boot-semgit "X.Y.Z" :scope "test"]])
(require '[degree9.boot-semgit :refer :all])

Semgit tasks look similar to regular git commands. Tasks follow a common name pattern of git-<command>:

boot git-commit --all --message "Commit from boot-clj."

Using the git binary for one off tasks still makes more sense and results in less typing:

git commit -a -m "Commit from git."


Why use Semgit tasks?

Boot tasks provide access to your build pipeline, integrating directly with the pipeline allows git commands to be executed as part of your build workflow or from the REPL, again resulting in less typing and becoming a repeatable process which many developers across an entire project can use.

Improve your development process:

Fetch remote changes when you start your development:

(boot/deftask develop
  "Build project for development."
  (let [...]
      (git-pull :branch "origin/master")

Why not just call it boot-git?

This task provides porcelain git functions and is designed to build workflows (getting to that in a moment). Meaning internal or plumbing tasks are not provided, therefore we wrap the systems git binary and only attempt to provide a subset of functionality. boot-git should probably be reserved for a set of tasks which implement git using a native library such as JGit. We will leave that up to you!


Where does the "semantic" part come in?

boot-semgit provides a set of tasks which integrate with boot-semver to provide consistent branching and versioning of projects. Our goal is to provide accelerated development with common community driven process.

Open a feature branch from master:

;; require the workflow namespace
(require '[degree9.boot-semgit.workflow :refer :all])
$ boot feature --name test

Creating feature branch: feature-test
Updating version...
Saving changes...

Close a feature branch (merging changes) into master:

$ boot feature --name test -c -b master

Closing feature branch: feature-test
Cleaning branch history...
Syncing version...
Saving changes...
Switching to target: master
Merging feature: feature-test  

Task Options

The feature task exposes a few options.

n name       NAME   str  "Feature name which will be appended to 'feature-'."
c close             bool "Closes a feature branch using 'git-rebase' and 'git-merge'."
b branch     BRANCH str  "The base or target branch for this feature."
r remote     REMOTE str  "Remote repository to use as a base for this feature."
d delete            bool "Delete/Remove a feature without closing it."

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