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A Clojure utility that allows you to view and interact with graph data from the REPL


(require '[graphique.core :as g])
(g/view some-data)

some-data is expected to be a vector or sequence of node maps which each contain the keys :id, :name, and :dependents. :id is expected to be a unique integer value, :name is expected to be a character string, and the optional :dependents key should map to a sequence or vector of other node IDs.

If your data does not conform to the format described above, you may supply a remapping for any/all of the keys used. E.g.

(g/view some-data {:kid :my-id-key :kname :my-name-key :kdependents :my-deps})


Copyright © 2020 Grant Peltier

Distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License v3.0

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