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A clj template for for an Electron application built with deps.edn, Figwheel Main, Reagent, and test integration via cljs-test-display.


clojure -A:new electron-app myname/myapp

This will generate an Electron app with a main process (source for which is located in src/main), a single renderer process (src/renderer) and unit tests for both (src/test).


Before anything else, install Node dependencies:

npm install


To run a development build:

clojure -A:dev

This will compile and run your Electron app, and display two windows, one containing your renderer, the other your tests displayed via clj-test-display:


After the application has started, you should have a REPL running, with three Figwheel sessions connected (one for the main process, one for the renderer, and one for the tests). You can see these three sessions with (conns):

cljs.user=> (conns)
Will Eval On:  Lilliana
Session Name     Age URL
Lilliana          0m /figwheel-connect
Shelia            0m /figwheel-connect
Angila            0m /figwheel-connect

And switch between them with (focus session-name).

Go ahead and make changes to your source or via the REPL and watch the UI and/or tests update in real time.

Building a Release

The main and renderer processes need to be built separately, and then packaged into an executable with electron-packager:

clojure -A:main
clojure -A:renderer
npm run package

Running tests from command line

To run tests from the command line (useful for CI builds):

clojure -A:test

Note that tests are run within an Electron process, so you will need to create a virtual display driver to run tests on a headless CI system.


Copyright © 2019 Paul Butcher

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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