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yummy: YAML configuration for Clojure application

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Yummy allows reading in configuration from YAML files and provides optional facilities for:

  • Environment based configuration
  • Validation through clojure.spec

Yummy only provides YAML parsing, no generation facilities are present.


Auto determined configuration file paths:

(spec/def ::config (spec/keys :req-un [::http ::logging ::database]))
(yummy.config/load-config {:program-name :mydaemon :spec ::config})

Yummy will look for a configuration-file path in the mydaemon.configuration system property or the MYDAEMON_CONFIGURATION environment variable.

A path can outright be given as well:

(spec/def ::config (spec/keys :req-un [::http ::logging ::database]))
(yummy.config/load-config {:path "/etc/mydaemon.yml" :spec ::config})

Alternately configuration can be loaded from a string:

(yummy.config/load-config-string "a: b" {})

Additional YAML Tags

To make integration as simple as possible, Yummy understands a number of custom tag parsers, namely:

  • envdir: loads a map from a directory, treating file names as keys and content as values
  • envvar: loads a value from the environment, optionally taking in defaults
  • keyword: coerce a string to a keyword
  • envfmt: produce a string from a format string and environment variables to pull in
  • slurp: produce a string from the given file content


a: !keyword b
b: !envvar HOME
c: !envvar [NOPE, hello]
d: !envdir /tmp/foo
e: !envfmt ["user=%s, home=%s", USER, HOME]
f: !slurp "/etc/hostname"



    [[exoscale/yummy "0.2.4"]]

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