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Jackdaw AdminClient API


The Jackdaw Admin API wraps Kafka's AdminClient 1 API. It provides functions for obtaining information about a Kafka cluster and managing its topics.


All functions in the jackdaw.admin namespace require a client. To produce it, pass the jackdaw.admin/->AdminClient function a config map. At a minimum, the configuration2 needs to contain the property bootstrap.servers set to the address of a running Kafka broker:

(ns adminclient-example
  (:require [jackdaw.admin :as ja]))

(def client (ja/->AdminClient {"bootstrap.servers" "localhost:9092"}))

Managing topics

Creating topics

To create a topic, use the create-topics! function, which takes a client, as well as an array of topic descriptor maps. The map needs to contain the mandatory keys :topic-name, :partition-count, and :replication-factor. Additionally, the map may contain an optional :topic-config key, holding the configuration3 of the topic as stringified key-value pairs.

(ja/create-topics! client [{:topic-name "jackdaw"
                            :partition-count 15
                            :replication-factor 3
                            :topic-config {"cleanup.policy" "compact"}}])

Viewing topics

To simply list the names of the topics in the cluster, use the list-topics function:

(ja/list-topics client) ;; => ({:topic-name "jackdaw"})

To view the partition information for a topic, use describe-topics function:

(ja/describe-topics client [{:topic-name "jackdaw"}])
;; => {"jackdaw" {:is-internal? false,
;;                :partition-info ({:isr [{:host "", :id 0, :port 9092, :rack nil}],
;;                                  :leader {:host "", :id 0, :port 9092, :rack nil},
;;                                  :partition 0,
;;                                  :replicas [{:host "", :id 0, :port 9092, :rack nil}]})}}

Finally, to get the full topic configuration, use describe-topic-configs:

(ja/describe-topics-configs client [{:topic-name "jackdaw"}])
;; => {{:name "jackdaw", :type :config-resource/topic} {"cleanup.policy" {:default? false,
;;                                                                        :name "cleanup.policy",
;;                                                                        :read-only? false,
;;                                                                        :sensitive? false,
;;                                                                        :value "compact"},
;;                                                                                     ...}}

Changing topics' configuration

To change the configuration of a topic, pass the function alter-topic-config! a client and a vector of topic descriptor maps. Each map needs to contain two keys - the :topic-name, as well as a :topic-config, holding the configuration3 of the topic as stringified key-value pairs.

(ja/alter-topic-config! client [{:topic-name "jackdaw"
                                 :topic-config {"" "1000"}}])

Deleting topics

(ja/delete-topics! client [{:topic-name "jackdaw"}])

Other utilities

There are several functions, , such as describe-cluster, get-broker-config, and partition-ids-of-topics, for obtaining information about various aspects of the Kafka cluster.



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