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What is re-frame-helpers?

A collection of macros and interceptors to help re-frame event and subscription registration. It also provides a macro for easily retrieving and maintaining http request configuration, responses, loading states and errors.

Documentation can be found in the /docs directory.

Push to clojars

lein deploy clojars (Remember to increment version in project.clj to release new version)

Use local version in a separate project during development

Option A

Override library with local install (typically in ~/.m2)

lein pom && lein jar && lein install

To remove the override, delete the version directory in local library (probably ~/.m2/repository/hzi/re-frame-helpers/<CURRENT_VERSION>). Could also just delete the entire re-frame-helpers if you don't care about preserving any previous versions.

Option B

Create a lein checkout symlink to local version:

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