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A Clojure library designed to retrieve data about images and keywords from a mongo database.


This is a library for inclusion in other projects. It can be run alone, using the cofig.clj file to set up connections to the database. However it is easier to use from within another project. Checkout for an easy introduction. This contains both a standalone commandline utility and a repl based search. It also has some handy useage information.

Getting started

Make sure the options are all set to the correct database and file paths. Each function can take parameters to specify these, but that will be a whole lot of extra typing you don't really want to have to do. Options are mostly set in the preferences collection of the database. The database and tables are specified in core.clj and it is probably easiest just to use the values there. They are reasonably sensible.

  • database: photos
  • keyword collection: keywords
  • images collection: images
  • preferences collection: preferences


Image-lib is now in several different namespaces.


This is the database setup stuff, including the names of the tables used and a connection to the database.


This contains various useful functions for manipulating records returned from the database. No database access is done here.

  • best returns the last item of images when sorted by :Rating

  • clean-number-string returns a number when given a string.

  • image-path return a string containing the year/month/project/version path of an image

  • image-paths given a collection of pics, return just the paths

  • project-name cuts the last part of the pathname off to leave yyyy/mm/project-name

  • project-year returns the year from a project name in the form yyyy/mm/project

  • string-number-equals a version of = that can compare numbers, strings or one of each

  • version-name Cuts the extension off the end of a string


This contains various functions for accessing files in the local file system.

  • file-exists? Not documented.

  • missing-files Searches the directory given by root-path and returns a list of any images not found there but present in the image db.

  • related-file-exists? Not documented.

  • loosely-related-file-exists? given a pathname to a file, checks if any variant of the file exists...

  • overwrite Write the collection to a file, clearing it first

  • write Append the collection 'things' to file 'file-name' one per line


  • all-image-paths Returns the path of every image in the database

  • find-image returns an image given its id

  • find-images Searches database collection for entries where the given field matches the given value

  • find-images-containing Searches database collection for entries where the given field contains the given value

  • open-images open the given images in an external viewer


Contains functions for manipulating the table of keywords.

  • add-keyword Add a new keyword

  • all-keywords returns all the keyword ids

  • all-sub-keywords Not documented.

  • delete-keyword Remove a keyword

  • disconnect-keyword Removes keyword from parent keyword but doesn't delete it

  • find-keyword Not documented.

  • find-parents given a keyword, returns a list of the parents

  • find-sub-keywords given a keyword entry returns a list of all the sub keywords

  • move-keyword Move a keyword from one parent to another

  • safe-delete-keyword Delete a keyword, but only if it has no sub keywords


Contains functions for accessing the preferences table

  • preference return the value of the preference from the db

  • preference! set the value of preference in the db

  • preferences return all the preferences


Contains functions for accessing the projects table.

  • all-projects returns a list of all the projects in yyyy/mm/project-name form

  • project-images Returns all the images from a given project

  • project-paths returns paths of all images in a given project

Contains functions for building queries to search the database for images.

  • and Not documented.

  • contains returns true if haystack contains needle.

  • eq Not documented.

  • ge Not documented.

  • gt Not documented.

  • in returns a sequence containing all entries of image-seq where meta-key contains meta-value

  • le Not documented.

  • lt Not documented.

  • or Not documented.


Contains the more complex functions used for manipulating the database. This section is likely to be changed.


Returns a list of all the keywords found in the pictures collection that are not in the keywords collection.


Adds the keywords found by missing-keywords to the db under the keyword "orphaned keywords"


Returns a list of all the keywords found in the pictures collection that don't appear as sub-keywords of any other keyword.


Adds the keywords found by missing-keywords to the db under the keyword "orphaned keywords"

Use as a library

To add to a clojure project, add this to the ns defn

:require [image-lib.core :refer :all]

and this to the project.clj file:

[image-lib "0.2.2-SNAPSHOT"]

Soulflyer projects using image-lib

find-images Finds images based on simple exif/iptc data matches

image-search Finds images using a clojure repl. Complex search patterns are possible using and and or filters in any order. Also possible to open the results in a choosen image viewer.

find-projects Finds a complete list of projects

check-images given a pathname, checks that every image in the db is present under that path.

keywords (Deprecated, use hinh-anh instead) This is a standalone keyword browser. It allows for creating and rearranging keywords, browsing the keyword heirarchy, and viewing pictures with selected keywords. It can also output a list of images for further processing.

hinh-anh GUI app for browsing photos and editing their metadata.


0.1.0-SNAPSHOT Initial version.

0.1.1-SNAPSHOT Functions now take a database rather than a string so every call doesn't have to re-establish a connection to mongo


0.1.3-SNAPSHOT added fns to deal with orphaned keywords


0.2.2-SNAPSHOT Breaking changes. Namespace split into smaller pieces.


Copyright Iain Wood © 2015-2017

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0

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