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Keechma is a micro framework for Reagent written in ClojureScript. It gives you a set of utilites that allow you to build applications that have the following properties:

  • Deterministic and predictable behavior
    • Based on the route, you can determine what the application's state will be
    • UI never "requests" data it's always provided to it
  • Unidirectional data flow
    1. Route params are derived from the URL
    2. Application state is derived from the route params
    3. UI is derived from the application state
  • Loose coupling between components
    • Communication is performed through core.async channels
  • Automatic synchronization of entities' states
    • An entity is any data loaded into the app that has identity (e.g. :id column)
    • Entities are stored in the EntityDB
    • EntityDB propagates entity state to every place where that entity is displayed in the UI
  • Enforced lifecycle (and memory safety)
    • Automatically load data on route change
    • Automatically clean up stale data on route change
    • Automatically set up event listeners on route change (e.g. listener on the WebSocket)
    • Automatically tear down event listeners on route change
  • Applications are first class citizens
    • Applications can be started and stopped
    • Applications can be passed around
    • Applications can mount sub - applications
  • UI components are decoupled and reusable
    • UI components can declare it's dependencies
    • Dependencies are injected when the application is started
    • Each component has it's own context
  • No shared globals
    • Router is bound to the application context
    • App state is bound to the application context
    • Multiple apps can run at the same time, each with it's own state


Read the guides or the API docs to find out more about Keechma.


Kičma (lat. columna vertebralis) is a Croatian word for backbone / spine.

Yes, it’s a nod to BackboneJS and SpineJS.


Copyright © 2016 Mihael Konjevic.

Distributed under the MIT License.

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