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This plugin will guarantee that when running the repl, you are always up to date.


Clojars Project

Put [komcrad/lein-autoreload "0.2.0"] into the :plugins vector of your :user profile.

In :repl-options you'll want to have some namespace that you won't be changing such as my-proj.user
In this namespace, add a macro like:

(ns my-proj.user

(defmacro sandbox []
    (require '
    (use 'clojure.repl)))

When you start up the repl with lein repl, run (sandbox)
Now when you change any files, you'll notice output in the repl like:

:reloading (my-proj.core)

Or, if you're lazy like me you, can specify :init in :repl-options in your project.clj so all you have to do is run lein repl

:repl-options {:init-ns my-proj.user
               :init (my-proj.user/sandbox)})


Copyright © 2013 Thomas Rampelberg

Distributed under the MIT license.

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