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Recursively compare Clojure data structures, and produce a colorized diff of the result.

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(require '[lambdaisland.deep-diff :as ddiff])

(pretty-print (diff {:a 1 :b 2} {:a 1 :c 3}))


lambdaisland.deep-diff/diff takes two arguments and returns a "diff", a data structure that contains markers for insertions, deletions, or mismatches. These are records with - and + fields.

(diff {:a 1 :b 2} {:a 1 :b 3})
{:a 1, :b #lambdaisland.deep_diff.diff.Mismatch{:- 2, :+ 3}}


You can pass this diff to lambdaisland.deep-diff/pretty-print. This function uses Puget and Fipp to format the diff and print the result to standard out.

For fine grained control you can create a custom Puget printer, and supply it to pretty-print.

(def narrow-printer (lambdaisland.deep-diff/printer {:width 10}))

(pretty-print (diff {:a 1 :b 2} {:a 1 :b 3}) narrow-printer)

For more advanced uses like incorporating diffs into your own Fipp documents, see lambdaisland.deep-diff.printer/format-doc, lambdaisland.deep-diff.printer/print-doc.

You can register print handlers for new types using lambdaisland.deep-diff.printer/register-print-handler!, or by passing and :extra-handlers map to printer.


This library builds upon clj-diff, which implements a diffing algorithm for sequences, and clj-arrangements, which makes disparate types sortable.

Pretty printing and colorization are handled by Puget and Fipp.

This library was originally developed as part of the Kaocha test runner.


Copyright © 2018 Arne Brasseur

Available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 1.0, see LICENSE.txt

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