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Boot support for Kaocha.


In your build.boot add the Kaocha dependency, and import the Kaocha task

;; build.boot
(set-env! :source-paths #{"src"}
          :dependencies '[[lambdaisland/kaocha-boot "0.0-20"]])

(require '[kaocha.boot-task :refer [kaocha]])

Configure your test suites in tests.edn, see the Kaocha documentation for tests.edn syntax.

;; tests.edn

As with Leiningen and Clojure CLI we still recommend creating a bin/kaocha wrapper script, so that Kaocha can be invoked uniformly across projects, regardless of the tool used.


boot kaocha "$@"

Running Kaocha

You invoke the Kaocha task with boot kaocha. This tasks takes the same command line argument as Leiningen or Clojure CLI runner, with some caveats.

To only run specific test suite, use the -s / --suite option, rather than providing them directly as command line arguments.

boot kaocha --suite unit

# Clojure CLI / Leiningen equivalent
# bin/kaocha unit

Kaocha's plugin system allows plugins to register extra command line options. The static nature of Boot's deftask construct does not however allow for runtime registration of command line options. To work around this an extra --options flag is provided which takes an EDN map of additional options.

For example:

boot kaocha --options '{:skip-meta [:slow :win32]}'

# Clojure CLI / Leiningen equivalent:
# bin/kaocha --skip-meta :slow --skip-meta :win32

The --test-help flag will print all available options and exit, including the options that are recognized in the --options {} EDN map. Note that this depends on the plugins enabled in tests.edn or through the --plugin option. The version shown here only includes those options provided by built-in plugins that are enabled by default.

Note that --help will only print the options boot know's about. For complete usage information always use --H / --test-help.

$ boot kaocha --test-help


boot kaocha [OPTIONS]...

  -s, --suite SUITE                  Test suite(s) to run.
  -c, --config-file FILE  tests.edn  Config file to read.
      --print-config                 Print out the fully merged and normalized config, then exit.
      --print-test-plan              Load tests, build up a test plan, then print out the test plan and exit.
      --print-result                 Print the test result map as returned by the Kaocha API.
      --fail-fast                    Stop testing after the first failure.
      --[no-]color                   Enable/disable ANSI color codes in output. Defaults to true.
      --[no-]watch                   Watch filesystem for changes and re-run tests.
      --reporter SYMBOL              Change the test reporter, can be specified multiple times.
      --plugin KEYWORD               Load the given plugin.
      --version                      Print version information and quit.
      --help                         Display this help message.
  -H, --test-help                    Display this help message.
  -o, --options EDN                  EDN map of additional options.

Plugin-specific options can be specified using map syntax, e.g.

   boot kaocha --options '{:randomize false}'

These additional options are recognized:

   :randomize BOOL                Run test namespaces and vars in random order.
   :seed SEED                     Provide a seed to determine the random order of tests.
   :skip SYM                      Skip tests with this ID and their children.
   :focus SYM                     Only run this test, skip others.
   :skip-meta SYM                 Skip tests where this metadata key is truthy.
   :focus-meta SYM                Only run tests where this metadata key is truthy.
   :capture-output BOOL           Capture output during tests.

Exit code

The Kaocha task will exit the JVM with a non-zero exit code after a run with errors or failures. This does mean that any tasks following the Kaocha task will only run if the build passes.

You can use this to your advantage, e.g. to only perform build steps when the tests pass, but it does mean that Kaocha does not compose like some other tasks. To run Kaocha continuously use Kaocha's own --watch functionality, rather than Boot's.


Copyright © 2018 Arne Brasseur

Available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 1.0, see LICENSE.txt

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