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ClojureScript support for Kaocha.


  • Add kaocha-cljs as a dependency
;; deps.edn
{:deps {lambdaisland/kaocha {...}
        lambdaisland/kaocha-cljs {...}}}

Note that you must be using at least Clojure 1.10.

  • Configure a ClojureScript test suite
;; tests.edn
{:tests [{:id :unit-cljs
          :type :kaocha.type/cljs
          ;; :test-paths ["test"]
          ;; :cljs/timeout 10000                        ; 10 seconds, the default
          ;; :cljs/repl-env cljs.repl.node/repl-env     ; node is the default
          ;; :cljs/repl-env cljs.repl.browser/repl-env

For nodejs, install ws and isomorphic-ws

npm i isomorphic-ws ws

Run your tests

clojure -m kaocha.runner unit-cljs


Copyright © 2018 Arne Brasseur

Available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 1.0, see LICENSE.txt

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