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Kaocha plugin to get code coverage reports through Cloverage.


Add the dependency

;; deps.edn
{:paths [...]
 :deps {...}
  {:extra-deps {lambdaisland/kaocha {...}
                lambdaisland/kaocha-cloverage {...}}}}}

Enable the plugin

  • Command line
bin/kaocha --plugin cloverage
  • Configuration file
;; tests.edn
{:plugins [:kaocha.plugin/cloverage]}

This plugin adds a large amount of command line options to Kaocha. Run bin/kaocha --plugin cloverage --help to see them.

Alternatively Cloverage can be configured through tests.edn. Source paths specified in your tests suites will be automatically instrumented. Other Cloverage options can be specified under a top level :cloverage/opts key. Run bin/kaocha --plugin cloverage --print-config to see the current default values.

;; tests.edn
{:plugins [kaocha.plugin/cloverage]
 {:ns-exclude-regex [],
  :text? false,
  :lcov? false,
  :high-watermark 80,
  :fail-threshold 0,
  :output "target/coverage",
  :low-watermark 50,
  :ns-regex [],
  :summary? true,
  :coveralls? false,
  :emma-xml? false,
  :html? true,
  :nop? false,
  :codecov? false}}


Copyright © 2018 Arne Brasseur

Available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 1.0, see LICENSE.txt

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