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Plugin: Hooks

The hooks plugin allows hooking into Kaocha's process with arbitrary functions. This is very similar to using writing a plugin, but requires less boilerplate.

See the documentation for extending Kaocha for a description of the different hooks. The supported hooks are: pre-load, post-load, pre-run, post-run, pre-test, post-test, pre-report.

Implementing a hook

  • Given a file named "tests.edn" with:
{:plugins [:kaocha.plugin/hooks]
 :kaocha.hooks/pre-test [my.kaocha.hooks/sample-hook]}
  • And a file named "src/my/kaocha/hooks.clj" with:
(ns my.kaocha.hooks)

(println "ok")

(defn sample-hook [test test-plan]
  (if (re-find #"fail" (str (:kaocha.testable/id test)))
    (assoc test :kaocha.testable/pending true)
  • And a file named "test/sample_test.clj" with:
(ns sample-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))

(deftest stdout-pass-test
  (println "You peng zi yuan fang lai")
  (is (= :same :same)))

(deftest stdout-fail-test
  (println "Bu yi le hu?")
  (is (= :same :not-same)))
  • When I run bin/kaocha

  • Then the output should contain:

PENDING sample-test/stdout-fail-test (sample_test.clj:8)

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