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Plugin: Notifier (desktop notifications)

Desktop notifications can be enabled with the :kaocha.plugin/notifier plugin. This will pop up a fail/pass notification bubble including a summary of tests passed/errored/failed at the end of each test run. It's particularly useful in combination with --watch, e.g. bin/kaocha --plugin notifier --watch.

It does this by invoking a shell command that can be configured, so it can be used to invoke an arbitrary command or script. By default, it will try to detect which command to use, using either notify-send (Linux) or terminal-notifier (Mac OS X), either of which may need to be installed first. If those commands aren't available, it uses Java's included notifier.

Several replacement patterns are available:

  • %{title} : The notification title, either ⛔️ Failing or ✅ Passing
  • %{message} : Test result summary, e.g., 5 tests, 12 assertions, 0 failures
  • %{icon} : Full local path to an icon to use (currently uses the Clojure icon)
  • %{failed?} : true if any tests failed or errored, false otherwise
  • %{count} : the number of tests
  • %{pass} : the number of passing assertions
  • %{fail} : the number of failing assertions
  • %{error} : the number of errors
  • %{pending} : the number of pending tests
  • %{urgency} : normal if the tests pass, critical otherwise, meant for use with notify-send
  • '%{timeout}: configured timeout in milliseconds before the notification should disappear. By default, it passes -1, which corresponds to the default timeout when usingnotify-send`.

Note that notifications don't time out on GNOME and Ubuntu when using Notify OSD.

If no command is configured, and neither notification command is found, then the plugin will print a warning. You can explicitly inhibit its behaviour with --no-notifications.

You can combine the feature with the profiles feature:

{:plugins #profile {:default [:kaocha.plugin/notifier]
:ci []}}

This will silence the "Notification not shown because system does not support it." warning.

Enabling Desktop Notifications

  • Given a file named "tests.edn" with:
{:plugins [:kaocha.plugin/notifier]

 ;; Configuring a command is optional. Since CI does not have desktop
 ;; notifications we pipe to a file instead.
 "sh -c 'echo \"%{title}\n%{message}\n%{failed?}\n%{count}\n%{urgency}\" > /tmp/kaocha.txt'"

 ;; Fallbacks:

 ;; :kaocha.plugin.notifier/command
 ;; "notify-send -a Kaocha %{title} %{message} -i %{icon} -u %{urgency}"

 ;; :kaocha.plugin.notifier/command
 ;; "terminal-notifier -message %{message} -title %{title} -appIcon %{icon}"
  • And a file named "test/sample_test.clj" with:
(ns sample-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))

(deftest simple-fail-test
  (is (= :same :not-same)))
  • When I run bin/kaocha

  • And I run cat /tmp/kaocha.txt

  • Then the output should contain:

⛔️ Failing
1 tests, 1 failures.

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