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5. Running Kaocha From the REPL

For REPL use there's the kaocha.repl namespace. Its main entry point is the run function. Calling it is similar to starting Kaocha from the CLI: It will load tests.edn, merge in any extra options and flags, and then load and run your test suites.

Filtering tests

As arguments to run you pass it one or more identifiers of things you want to test. This can be a test suite, a namespace, or a specific test var.

Say you have a single :unit test suite, with a kaocha.random-test namespace containing two tests.

└── :unit
    └── kaocha.random-test
        ├── kaocha.random-test/rand-ints-test
        └── kaocha.random-test/randomize-test

You could run the whole suite...

(require '[kaocha.repl :as k])

(k/run :unit)

...the namespace...

(k/run 'kaocha.random-test)

...or specific test vars:

(k/run 'kaocha.random-test/rand-ints-test 'kaocha.random-test/randomize-test)

These are equivalent to using --focus on the command line. run also understand namespace and var objects.

(k/run *ns*)
(k/run #'rand-ints-test)

(k/run) without any arguments is equivalent to (k/run *ns*). If you really want to run all test suites without discrimination, use k/run-all.

Passing configuration

If the last argument to (k/run) is a map, then it is considered extra configuration and is applied on top of what is read from tests.edn. The special key :config-file is available to change the location from which tests.edn is read.

(k/run {:config-file "/tmp/my_tests.edn"})

Other keys in the map need to be either fully qualified keywords as used in Kaocha's configuration, or the short equivalent that is available in tests.edn when using the #kaocha/v1 reader tag.

In-buffer eval

kaocha.repl is especially useful when used with a editor-connected REPL, so that code can be evaluated in place. When working on a specific test you can wrap it in kaocha.repl/run. Since deftest returns the var it defines, this redefines and runs the test in one go.

  (deftest my-test

When using CIDER this combines really well with cider-pprint-eval-defun-at-point (binding in CIDER 1.18.1: C-c C-f).

Live reload at the REPL

To enable live reloading of tests in your REPL session, you can call ( (kaocha.repl/config)). This will use all your standard config options, including watching the tests.edn file.

Accessing configuration and test plans

The (kaocha.repl/config) and (kaocha.repl/test-plan) functions are very useful when diagnosing issues, and can be helpful when developing plugins or test types.

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