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Marking tests as pending

Pending tests are tests that are not yet implemented, or that need fixing, and that you don't want to forget about. Pending tests are similar to skipped tests (see the section on "Filtering"), in that the runner will skip over them without trying to run them.

The difference is that pending tests are explicitly reported in the test result. At the end of each test run you get to see the number of pending tests, followed by a list of their test ids and file/line information. This constant reminder is there to make sure pending tests are not left unaddressed.

Add the ^:kaocha/pending metadata to a test to mark it as pending. The metadata check is done inside the Kaocha runner itself, not in the specific test type implementation, so this metadata is supported on any test type that allows setting metadata tags, including ClojureScript and Cucumber tests.

Marking a test as pending

  • Given a file named "test/sample/sample_test.clj" with:
(ns sample.sample-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))

(deftest ^:kaocha/pending my-test)
  • When I run bin/kaocha

  • Then the output should contain:

1 tests, 0 assertions, 1 pending, 0 failures.

PENDING sample.sample-test/my-test (sample/sample_test.clj:4)

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