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CLI: Print the Kaocha configuration

A Kaocha test run starts with building up a Kaocha configuration map, based on default values, the contents of tests.edn, command line flags, and active plugins.

Debugging issues with Kaocha often starts with inspecting the configuration, which is why a --print-config flag is provided. This builds up the configuration from any available sources, runs it through any active plugins, and then pretty prints the result, an EDN map.

Note that the ordering, while not expected to change, is not guaranteed. We recommend parsing the configuration as EDN and not relying on order. If you are manipulating the output as text (say, on the command line) and can't avoid relying on the order, run it through a tool like puget or zprint that sorts the keys alphabetically first.

Using --print-config

  • When I run bin/kaocha --print-config

  • Then the EDN output should contain:

{:kaocha.plugin.randomize/randomize? false,
 :kaocha/reporter [],
 :kaocha/color? false,
 :kaocha/fail-fast? false}
  • And the EDN output should contain:
 [{:kaocha.testable/type :kaocha.type/clojure.test,
   :kaocha.testable/id :unit,
   :kaocha/ns-patterns ["-test$"],
   :kaocha/source-paths ["src"],
   :kaocha/test-paths ["test"],
   :kaocha.filter/skip-meta [:kaocha/skip]}]}

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