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Pedestal is a well known interceptor-based web framework for Clojure. To use reitit-http with Pedestal, we need to change the default routing interceptor into a new one. Examples projects show how to do this.


reitit-http defines Interceptors as reitit.interceptor/Interceptor. Compared to Pedestal 2-arity error handlers, reitit uses a simplified (1-arity) handlers. Differences in error handling are described in the Sieppari README.

  • you can use any pedestal-style interceptor within reitit router (as Pedestal is executing those anyway)
  • you can use any reitit-style interceptor that doesn't have :error-stage defined
  • using a reitit-style interceptor with :error defined will cause ArityException if invoked

See the error handling guide on how to handle errors with Pedestal.



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