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Configuring Routers

Routers can be configured via options. The following options are available for the reitit.core/router:

key description
:path Base-path for routes
:routes Initial resolved routes (default [])
:data Initial route data (default {})
:spec clojure.spec definition for a route data, see reitit.spec on how to use this
:expand Function of arg opts => data to expand route arg to route data (default reitit.core/expand)
:coerce Function of route opts => route to coerce resolved route, can throw or return nil
:compile Function of route opts => result to compile a route handler
:validate Function of routes opts => () to validate route (data) via side-effects
:conflicts Function of {route #{route}} => () to handle conflicting routes
:exception Function of Exception => Exception to handle creation time exceptions (default reitit.exception/exception)
:router Function of routes opts => router to override the actual router implementation

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