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RESTful form methods

When designing RESTful applications you will be doing a lot of "PATCH" and "DELETE" request, but most browsers don't support methods other than "GET" and "POST" when it comes to submitting forms.

There is a pattern to solve this (pioneered by Rails) using a hidden "_method" field in the form and swapping out the "POST" method for whatever is in that field.

We can do this with middleware in reitit like this:

(defn- hidden-method
  (some-> (or (get-in request [:form-params "_method"])         ;; look for "_method" field in :form-params
              (get-in request [:multipart-params "_method"]))   ;; or in :multipart-params

(def wrap-hidden-method
  {:name ::wrap-hidden-method
   :wrap (fn [handler]
           (fn [request]
             (if-let [fm (and (= :post (:request-method request)) ;; if this is a :post request
                              (hidden-method request))]           ;; and there is a "_method" field
               (handler (assoc request :request-method fm)) ;; replace :request-method
               (handler request))))})

And apply the middleware like this:

  (reitit.ring/router ...)
    [reitit.ring.middleware.parameters/parameters-middleware ;; needed to have :form-params in the request map
     reitit.ring.middleware.multipart/multipart-middleware   ;; needed to have :multipart-params in the request map
     wrap-hidden-method]}) ;; our hidden method wrapper

(NOTE: This middleware must be placed here and not inside the route data given to reitit.ring/handler. This is so that our middleware is applied before reitit matches the request with a specific handler using the wrong method.)

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