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Frontend basics

Reitit frontend integration is built from multiple layers:

  • Core functions with some additional browser oriented features
  • Browser integration for attaching Reitit to hash-change or HTML history events
  • Stateful wrapper for easy use of history integration
  • Optional controller extension

Core functions

reitit.frontend provides some useful functions wrapping core functions:

match-by-path version which parses a URI using JavaScript, including query-string, and also coerces the parameters. Coerced parameters are stored in match :parameters property. If coercion is not enabled, the original parameters are stored in the same property, to allow the same code to read parameters regardless if coercion is enabled.

router which compiles coercers by default.

match-by-name and match-by-name! with optional path-paramers and logging errors to console.warn instead of throwing errors to prevent React breaking due to errors.

Browser integration

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