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Path-based Routing

Path-based routing is done using the reitit.core/match-by-path function. It takes the router and path as arguments and returns one of the following:

  • nil, no match
  • PartialMatch, path matched, missing path-parameters (only in reverse-routing)
  • Match, an exact match

Given a router:

(require '[reitit.core :as r])

(def router
     ["/ping" ::ping]
     ["/user/:id" ::user]]))

No match returns nil:

(r/match-by-path router "/hello")
; nil

Match provides the route information:

(r/match-by-path router "/api/user/1")
; #Match{:template "/api/user/:id"
;        :data {:name :user/user}
;        :path "/api/user/1"
;        :result nil
;        :path-params {:id "1"}}

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